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Making the right investment can “fail-proof” your business

Because most businesses fail, investing in the right idea can make all the difference. It’s been documented that 42% of businesses fail due to a lack of market demand for their product or service. In this episode, Terry discusses some common reasons why businesses fail, and how taking steps to …

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4 ways to set your rates as a solopreneur

To maximize your earning potential, you need to know how to set the best rates for the type of work you do. There are a variety of ways to set rates, depending on how you prefer to work, your clients’ expectations, and the products or services you sell. In today’s …

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Overpromising: the worst mistake an entrepreneur can make

It’s a classic mistake for a new company. When you’re starting, you’re tempted to promise the world to potential clients to get their business. But if you’ve made those promises just to get a customer, it will come back to bite you later on. This episode focuses on why it’s …

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Why entrepreneurs still need to take off in a time of crisis

Any crisis — whether it is a hurricane, fire, fraud, or a pandemic — naturally elevates the level of stress you feel. Even if you do not work longer hours, which you likely will as an entrepreneur), there is bound to be increased uncertainty and worry about what will or …

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Four ways to continue making money during the pandemic

The pandemic has made it necessary for entrepreneurs in all industries to get creative. When you can’t leave your home and the economy appears to be heading towards a recession, entrepreneurs are put to the test on how quickly they can innovate and pivot while still offering products and services …

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