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Can credit work for your business?

Managing a business without funds hinders your competitive advantage significantly, leaving you at the mercy of every crisis. A new company can grow as the economy improves, but you need real capital to make that happen. Your company’s credit profile is one of your greatest assets: It lets you access …

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5 Tips To Develop Your Online Branding

To achieve success, building your brand should be a daily exercise – and not only for owners and management, but everyone on your team. In this episode, Terry discusses some ways you can build your personal brand as well as ways to influence others within your business to build theirs. …

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10 Negotiating Tips for Women in Business

If we are going to have equality in the workplace and beyond, negotiation skills are extremely important. In any field or context, women can use negotiating tips that will assist them as an employee, an entrepreneur, and personally. In this episode of the Business Collective Podcast, Terry discusses the top …

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