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7 signs it’s time to transition from employee to entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It’s risky, it’s stressful and the success rate for new businesses isn’t all that encouraging. So, why do people become entrepreneurs? Usually, it’s because they find that simply working a job just isn’t enough. They need to challenge themselves, test ideas, and take control. Working for someone …

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5 ways to clear your mind from mind block

Most of us have experienced a mental block at the most unexpected (and inconvenient) time. Let’s explore the signs of experiencing one and a few helpful hints to get rid of it. Terry will discuss spotting the signs and contributing factors of mental blocks, and how to overcome, reset and …

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8 ways to build your brand without relying on social media

What are some ways you can bring attention to your brand without social media? This is a tough question to answer when it seems that all marketing is focused on social media platforms. Terry Fletcher discusses creative ways to build your brand that will not only add to your social …

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Google stats that show you the value of SEO

You already know that having a prominent online presence supported by an effective SEO strategy is indispensable. People are searching for your business, and you need to make sure they find you online. The internet, however, is a virtually endless resource with millions of search inquiries leading consumers to different …

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Can credit work for your business?

Managing a business without funds hinders your competitive advantage significantly, leaving you at the mercy of every crisis. A new company can grow as the economy improves, but you need real capital to make that happen. Your company’s credit profile is one of your greatest assets: It lets you access …

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